In today’s social media you should consider the 3 C’s

1. Confidence

2. Connection

3. Convenience

Your business needs to decide if you are going to do short term tactics or develop a long term strategy. 

The goal should be to build trusted content and products using bold ambitious steps in your audacious mission. Customers are not desiring neutrality from businesses and are seeking aligned values. 

63% of customers prefer sharing and talking about content in private channels, i.e. messaging apps. 48% prefer SMS mobile phone.  

The top motivations for using social media include public content consumption. 38% to find funny or entertaining content. 40% to stay up-to-date with news and current events. 31% to research and find products to buy. 

The key to success is how your brand will unify public feeds and private channels. Emotion has a greater impact on brand loyalty than effectiveness and ease. 

We can quantify emotional data. Customers favor brave brands. In your public feeds, aim for broad reach with emotional feeds. In private channels, build deeper relationships with a blend of automation and 1:1 connection. Chatbots can help with deriving sensitive information that isn’t talked about in public. 

Customers have new demands from brands. Seamless interactions and compressed timeframe. There is a high cost of seemingly small frustrations that wins the part of the consumer. 84% of customers are frustrated when brands make them start over in a new channel. 

Slow-moving organizations kill customer experience. 73% of customers say that valuing their time is the most critical aspect of good customer service. Think about the customer who is on a mobile device and is filling out a form that isn’t optimized for mobile…

Social compresses the customer journey from days to hours. Insta-payment, “payments should be as easy as sending photos” Mark Zuckerberg. How is your brand preparing for these convenience demands?

Refocus on customer relationships with your employees. They should be able to adjust the experience seamlessly to the customer’s needs isn’t. Employees can assist your business by using social as an engine for growth. Your employees can be a beacon of trust.  

In the age of the individual, your business needs to be confident, provide connections, and be convenient to work with your customers. Social is the golden thread in your customer’s journey. 

How to prepare for the future of customer engagement.

Penny Wilson CMO Hootsuite.